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In cooperation with Lund University Commissioned Education, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) offers, as part of its bilateral development assistance, International Training Programmes of strategic importance to the social and economic development of cooperating countries based on identified priorities and needs.

The aim is to contribute to capacity development and processes of change in partner countries and other developing countries by offering key persons training programmes in subject areas given priority in Swedish development cooperation, in which Swedish expertise is in demand, and in which use is made of experience from countries at different stages of development.

Examples of areas are trade and industry, democracy and human rights, the environment and infrastructure.

Sida’s international training programmes – each with 20–30 participants – have a duration of three to eight weeks. The programmes are open to candidates from lower and lower-middle income developing countries. Training programmes are designed for experienced executives in middle and top management positions in their respective organisations. Minimum qualifications are a university degree and relevant working experience.

Lund University Commissioned Education, as being the appointed organiser, provides among other things:

  • professional programme management and administration
  • employment of lecturers and guest lecturers
  • study-visits
  • travel management
  • pre-departure orientation
  • accommodation for participants

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