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New articles about study techniques for students

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Are you aware that there are tips for students studying in digital learning environments on the page Studying online at You can point students to these articles for information on, for example, engagement, reading and planning in classes with some form of online component. In addition, there are now two new much-requested texts, one on multitasking – or rather, uni-tasking – and one on ergonomics.

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Do your students log into Zoom from their beds, or do they appear on screen as a shadow backed by a window and bright sunlight? Perhaps they need tips on good ergonomics while studying? In the article How to improve ergonomics when studying at home – five tips, students can get advice on movement, sound and lighting, as well as working posture. All important when studying online, but also in general, even for teaching staff.

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Do you think your students are chaotic when it comes to their planning? Do they forget certain parts of an assignment and misunderstand others? Do they appear to be doing something else while attending class? On, we have uploaded a new page Stop multitasking – start focusing better, which contains concrete tips on how to train your ability to focus on one thing at a time.

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