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At the examination - and after

At the start of the exam

At the start of the exam, make sure that the students have information about the following:

  • When and how to get in touch with the examiner or responsible teacher if there are questions about the exam.
  • How they can get in touch with the responsible teacher or exam guard if something unforeseen should happen, for example in the event of a technical fault or any other unforeseen event.
  • When it comes to toilet breaks, there are planned breaks for this.
  • Where they find their exam, if there is any link they need to follow or any special software.
  • Students with pedagogical support, make sure they know if there are any special circumstances that applies to them.
  • When the student has finished, how should they submit their exam? Will there be any confirmation that the exam has been submitted successfully?
  • If you use the honesty module, inform the students about this and how to access it. 
  • What happens when the exam is submitted, if the student may leave or if there is any regrouping?


After the exam

If you have the opportunity, it may be a good idea to open a “post exam room”. Many students need to meet and talk after the exam, similar to what would happen after a regular exam in the room outside. Therefore, feel free to open up a Zoom room where students who want can meet and discuss the exam.