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Se list of staff below. For more staff information, see our Swedish website.

Karin Bergman
Erik Bergsten
Susanna Björverud
Carina Carlsson
Alf Cronmalm
Helena Elvén Eriksson
Maria Esaiasson
Björn Fritz
Samuel Guillard
Maria Hedberg
Magnus Hovde
Ann-Catrin Johansson
Christoffer Johansson
Philip Johansson
Bo-Anders Jönsson
Jessica Kareseit
Nicolette Karst
Karin Larsson
Albin Medoc
Kikki Nillasdotter
Mathias Nilsson
Cecilia Nygren
Jennie Paldanius
Nathalie Stenbeck
Susanne Stenemalm
Lotta Åbjörnsson