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Build your assessment - step by step

One approach that usually works well for most people and feels logical when you have a syllabus as a basis but flexibility otherwise is the following:

  1. What are the intended learning outcomes of the course? Does the course include several test modules and/or modules? Which intended learning outcomes are assessed in what module and when?
  2. What does the syllabus say about the examination? What are your options within the framework of the existing syllabus? Does it need to be changed?
  3. How can a student best show that they have achieved the intended learning outcomes you are going to assess? What skills and knowledge are required for a pass? What do you need as a teacher to assess whether the student meets these requirements?
  4. What other learning activities and formative elements should the course include? How can these be designed to aim towards the final examination?
  5. How are these activities best designed online? How can the examination be structured to make cheating and plagiarism more difficult?

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You and your teacher team are welcome to contact your unit for higher education development: 

AHU - Division for Higher Education Development

CEE -  Centre for Engineering Education

MedCul- Centre for Teaching and Learning at the Faculty of Medicine