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External applications and Integrations in Canvas

Canvas provides great opportunities to integrate external applications (LTI integrations). These applications are used to add extra functionality to your courses.

External application and integrations developed at the University

Canvas at Lund University has a number of external applications integrated, below is a list of theme. You can read more about them under each application and in some cases also find guides for their use.

Ally is an integrated tool in Canvas that analyzes the availability of the documents in your course. Ally helps to improve the long-term availability of content and automatically offers different versions of your files directly on your courses.

Conferences is a meeting tool tightly integrated in Canvas. In this you can organize your lecture directly in your course in Canvas. All students are invited automatically and you have the opportunity to record the lecture. The recording is temporary, saved directly in your course where your students can easily reach it for two weeks. Read more about Conferences in the Canvas course eMeeting at LU.

Through integration with Google apps, Canvas has the opportunity for students to easily upload documents directly from their own Google apps surface. It is also possible for both staff and students to create collaborative documents in Google apps, such as Google docs and Google sheets directly from the courses in Canvas.

Libguides are integrated in Canvas so that you can easily use specific libguides pages for your course. You will find Libguides in the toolbar under external tools when working with the text editor.


LU Administration is an integration built on LU that handles the creation of courses in Canvas, adding of students from Ladok and teachers from Lucat. LU Administration also handles the connection of TimeEdit schedules to the course areas in Canvas.

LU Administration is only accessible to people with administrative rights in Canvas, application for administrative rights is made via Lucat.

LU Export is an integration built at LU. It handles print outs of various lists. You will find the tool LU Export under your course Settings in column on the right hand side.

MATLAB Grader is integrated in Canvas which makes it possible to use MATLAB Coding Problems directly on your courses. You add MATLAB to your course by creating an assignment and choosing External tool.

Through integration with Office365, Canvas has the ability to easy upload documents directly from your own Office365 surface. There is also the opportunity for both staff and students to create collaboration documents in Office365 directly from the courses in Canvas.


Peergrade is an external application that handles peer review.

Peergrade is today only integrated on courses in Canvas that belong to the School of Economics and Management.

Respondus Lockdown browser and monitor are used for monitoring during exams.

Respondus is today only integrated on courses in Canvas that belong to LTH.

A video tool for creating, sharing and publishing video. Find more information about Studio in the Canvas course Studio - get started with video in Canvas.


Teams is a project tool where you can both chat and hold digital meetings. Teams can be used as a standalone program but is also integrated in Canvas to easily reach the right people. Read more about Teams in Canvas in the Canvas course eMeetings at LU.

TimeEdit is available as an integration in Canvas. TimeEdit schedules are added to your course area via the tool LU Administration by a person with administrative rights.

Let the students' texts be controlled for plagiarism through Urkund (text matching). Plagiarism control with Urkund can be activated when you create an assignment. The result from Urkund will be presented in Canvas both under Grades and in the Speedgrader.

Urkund is now called Ouriginal in Canvas, but it still works in the same way. 

Read more about Urkund/Ouriginal on their website

Uploaded videos in Vimeo can be easily displayed as an embedded video directly on Canvas pages through the integration with Canvas. You will find Vimeo in the toolbar under external tools when working in the text editor.


Uploaded videos in YouTube can be easily displayed as an embedded video directly on Canvas pages through the integration with Canvas. You will find YouTube in the toolbar under external tools when working in the text editor.

Under investigation

We are constantly investigating new external applications that may be integrated into Canvas. Some of the applications in the list below may soon be available in Canvas, others may after discussions be decided not to be integrate. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the external apps that are under investigation.

CodeGrade handles the submission and feedback of programming data. CodeGrade is currently under investigation and is available for testing for those who are interested. Contact canvas [at] education [dot] lu [dot] se and we will help you get started.

Mindomo is a tool for creating mind maps. Mindomo is currently not procured for the university but is only used at one of our departments. If you are interested in this tool, get in touch and we will help you with information. Contact us at //canvas [at] education [dot] lu [dot] se">canvas [at] education [dot] lu [dot] se.


Möbius is an advanced quiz / task tool. There is currently no decision that Möbius will be bought to LU, but some investigations are ongoing. Let us know if you are interested in this tool.


The paddle is a digital bulletin board that can be integrated into Canvas. Discussions are currently underway regarding the purchase of the tool.

Sunet Survey is a program for conducting web-based surveys. At Lund University, the program is used for course evaluations as well as other types of surveys.

At present, there is no integration to Canvas from the tool, but work is underway on this from Sunet's side. Hopefully, a first version will be ready in the latter part of autumn 2020.


Zoom is a tool for online video conferencing. Work is currently underway for a possible integration with Canvas.

External apps to embed

Some applications are not built to be integrated with Canvas. However, these applications can usually be embedded in some way in Canvas.

Mentimeter is a web service that gives you opportunities to create surveys in real time. There is no possibility to integrate Mentimeter in Canvas, but we recommend you to embed Mentimeter in pages.

You can find Mentimeter here:

LU Play is a video tool used at Lund University. LU Play is not integrated. If you like to use videos from LU Play we recommend you to embed your video or to upload it to Studio.

Apply for integration of new external application

The Canvas app center has several applications that can be integrated into Canvas. Before an integration can be made, however, it is necessary to investigate which agreements need to be signed, how the application should be supported and trained, etc.

Contact us if you are interested in getting a new application integrated.