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Zoom room for invigilation

Invigilating students during exams in Zoom may not stop cheating as such, but it gives clear directions regarding what is allowed and what is not. More often, it is the marking of exam papers that reveals cheating!

ID control is handled differently around the university - at some departments it has been decided that logging into Canvas and Zoom is enough whereas at others ID is checked on camera. If the latter is used, extra time is needed before the start of the exam.

Invigilation routines vary, e.g. depending on how many students are examined. Where students are relatively few (up to 50) it is possible to let each student have their own Breakout room. For larger groups it is possible to have all in the main session and use Breakout rooms to give opportunity to ask the examiner questions or for students who need to sit separately for some reason. It is also possible to sit 15-25 or more students in one breakout room with one invigilator.

For some exams students are requested to use an extra camera (in smartphone or tablet) to show their desk from the side. This means the number of pictures on the Zoom screen are twice as many. To get a better overview, as a Host it is possible to drag and drop the pictures on the screen so each student's both pictures are placed side by side.

For prolonged exams it is necessary to include breaks! Sitting in front of the computer for hours on end is very tiring, so dividing the exam into two or more parts with breaks in between is recommended. Encourage the students to stand up and move about during breaks! Points of time for visits to the bathroom can be noted in the chat, which is subsequently saved.

The students can ask questions in the chat, and if needed a Breakout room can be used for dialogue.




Minimize Zoom-stress

Minimize stress by letting your students test how to log into LU Zoom with their LU credentials. 

If they succed to log into it will mean that they have logged in correctly. 

Zoom Contact information

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