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Inform your students

This section contains examples of information that can be good to inform your students about before a digital exam. The information itself is a compilation of several faculties' and departments' information to students and we have divided it  into different time periods.

As soon as possible, you need to inform about the date and time, tools and software, if there is monitoring and how personal data is processed. If you have students who need educational support, you also need to make sure that they have all the help they need.

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A couple of days before the exam, you need to send some more detailed instructions about the exam, the software and the hardware. You need to once again inform about monitoring (if you are planing to use it) and how you are planning to make it work. If this is a hand-written examination, inform your students how they should hand in their paper. Make sure that you have been very clear about cheating, i.e. what is allowed and what is not!

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The section At the examination - and after describes the practical information you should provide at the start of the exam. You will also receive tips on what you can do for your students after the exam has been completed.

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