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How to create interactive elements in your teaching videos using Studio

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Video streamlines teaching

During the pandemic, we were largely forced to start using different tools in order to continue to provide our students with the teaching they needed. Video became one of the tools that facilitated this. Video streamlined teaching; we did not need to host Zoom lectures for everything. Students also gained flexibility in their learning, mainly through the flipped classroom and the ability to absorb information and knowledge at their own pace.


Video can easily become a one-way form of communication however, turning the viewer into a passive recipient. By adding interactive elements, video can become an active part of the learning process. There are studies which show that learning is enhanced by interactivity in conjunction with video, compared to instructional videos alone, or the use of tasks and quizzes afterwards. (Nives Mikelić Preradović, Tomislava Lauc, Ida Panev. 2020) (Ketsman, O., Daher, T. and Colon Santana, J. A. 2018)


To avoid the problem of passive viewing, the next step is to build in interactivity, i.e. active participation, both in and with video. You could, for example, embed a quiz inside the video itself that stops at specific times with the help of time stamps. Another example is to add comments in the timeline of the video, to make digressions or share suggestions for further reading outside the video. But interactivity can also mean creating “markers” to direct the viewer’s attention to specific parts of the image on screen. This can be done by highlighting with arrows, brightening parts of the image or adding attention-grabbing text.


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